Multiple DUI Charges

A Serious Problem For Anyone

Not Your First Offense?

A DUI charge in Bellevue, Washington can be bad news, but a second or even third DUI charge is downright dreadful. Punishment for this crime seems to increase exponentially per charge, and judges can be very unforgiving. The only way to get through a second offence in one piece is with experienced legal representation.

Get Legal Help Fast

Find an experienced lawyer

Finding a DUI lawyer in Bellevue may seem like a daunting task, but you will want someone with a practical approach and working knowledge of the legal system to help you through the process this time. A knowledgeable attorney can help convince a judge to give you another chance by reducing the consequences to a more reasonable level.

Seek the best possible outcome

Work with your lawyer to determine just how well your case can go. If this is your second or third offence, chances are you will still be faced with some serious ramifications, but with a good lawyer you may still be able to avoid jail time if your household will suffer a serious hardship. House arrest with a work furlough may be the answer.

Keep your expectations reasonable

While you may be able to stay out of jail, a DUI lawyer is not a magician. You must be able to convince a judge that you are serious about driving under the influence and prove that you have set up a designated driver. If you are a repeat offender, you may have to resign yourself to sobriety and wear a remote monitoring device for a period of time.

There Is Hope

Second and third DUI offences are always significantly worse than the first one, but with a good traffic lawyer in Bellevue, DUI offenders can have hope. Your attorney just might be able to keep you out of jail and minimize the consequences. Take the situation very seriously and work with your attorney on finding a permanent solution once and for all.

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