The Perfect Wedding Box is the nations original manufacturer of engraved glass and mirror money boxes. We have been in the glass industry for 30 years producing various products in many industries. The idea behind The Perfect Wedding Box is that we want the bride and groom to feel like they are creating the perfect box for their wedding that they will not only be able to display at the comfort of their own home but to keep for years to come and to always remind them of that special day.

The Perfect Wedding Box has had the pleasure of producing the most unique Money/Card/Envelope cases for brides and grooms across our nation. The laser engraving technology that we use has enabled us to create some incredibly unique and original card boxes for our customers. We want them to bring originality and creativity into designing the box that best suits them as a couple. We have been to too many weddings where the couple has had a card box with no custom design on it to make it truly stand out and by the time the wedding is over there would be no place to keep it. Our wedding card box allows the couple to continue to use it after the wedding to display in their home forever. These boxes are especially designed for the purpose of displaying champagne flutes, cake cutters and toppers, and any other memorable items to it so that you can always be reminded of your wedding day. Not only does the wedding box dress up the reception as a means to collect cards, but the information engraved on its front is very special to the bridal couple.

The Perfect Wedding Box is staffed with employees who are professionally ready to assist you in creating a box that is specifically designed for you. We guarantee that you will be treated as a valued customer to our business and will make sure that your box is delivered to you in a timely fashion with extra special care for such delicate packages.

We hope that you've enjoyed looking through our website and viewing the different types of designs that can go on your own personalized wedding box. We truly look forward to assisting you create the wedding of your dreams by selecting The Perfect Wedding Box for your wedding day.

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